Learn the art of Google-Fu

Google-Fu is the ability to search **Google** for a specific thing using keywords to get the result you wanted.

Learn the art of Google-Fu

If you are a software engineer you have probably have heard of this term. Google-Fu is the ability to search Google for a specific thing using keywords to get the result you wanted. Mainly the reason why it's used a lot in software development because it's a skill to phrase your question in a way Google will be happy and give you that hidden Stack Overflow answer you needed 50 hours ago.

How does Google Work

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Google is a search engine that uses automated programs called spiders or crawlers. They own an algorithm called PageRank that allows them to assign a score to a website. They also have a massive index of keywords and where these words can be found. This combination is what is needed for when you put monster inc on the search bar it popups the movie and not a sketchy website about building monsters. Respected websites with good security will be put to the top when you are searching and encourage everybody to adopt current web standards improving security on the web.

How can I use this to my advantage

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Generally, what I do in a scenario where I'm searching coding documentation but want a specific source to be on the top like MDN for JavaScript questions I write mdn js reduce array. If you want to do a fun test google js reduce array and either MDN or W3C should be on top. Then google stack overflow js reduce array and most likely you will see Stack Overflow on top.

This resource is great for understanding how to get more out of Google.


This goes for everyone, not just developers because sometimes we have a hard time finding an exact piece of information we need for school, work or personal. I hope you can take advantage of the largest library there could ever be and keeps expanding that is the internet.

Happy Searching!