iPhone with a purple screen background and a white lock icon on a yellow background.


Topics related to authenticating users using secure techniques.

A desk with various devices and tools like a 3D printer, a 3D printed engine, a laptop, etc.


Topics on how to automate certain tasks and its effect in society.

Person with red hair working on their desk.

Back End Development

Topics like API's, authentication, databases, data models, etc

Server racks under protected fences turned on and with connected network cables.

Cloud Computing

Topics on cloud computing techniques, tools and news.

A person with their hand on their cheek while working on some code.

Computer Science

Topics related to computer science like Big O, algorithms, history, etc.

A person looking to the left while writing in a book titled create + destroy.

Computer Science Philosophy

Looking into topics like what does it mean to be a developer, implications of technology in society, a developer's work ethic, etc.

A variety of tools placed on a white background. There are wrenches, allen keys, hammers, etc.

Developer Tools

Discussion on developer tools to make the work life more fun, easy and less time-consuming.

A laptop on a wood table.

Front End Development

Discussion on all things relating to front end development. From front end frameworks to accessibility standards.

Logo of GraphQL sitting on a black background.


Discussion on the GraphQL technology.

JavaScript Logo. A yellow background with the JS letters in black on the right bottom side.


Discussion on all related to JavaScript, from frameworks to vanilla JS.

Linux penguin logo with a background that shows a city in black and white.


Discussion on all Linux topics like distros, bash, Raspberry Pi, and other cool stuff.

Two people looking up at over 10 CCTV cameras looking at them.


Discussions on surveillance capitalism, GDPR, how to protect your privacy, etc.

The logo of Sudo on a grey almost black background.


Technology podcast dedicated to demystifying tech jargon.

Wireframes drawn in paper with markers.


Topics about accessibility, design patterns, understanding human behavior, etc.

Commodore CBM computer in a blue and purple room.


Topics on virtualization techniques, history, technologies and tutorials.

Vue logo on a space background.


Discussion on topics related to the front end framework Vue.